3 Switch 3 Bulb connection

3 Switch 3 Bulb connection

3 Switch 3 Bulb connection

This diagram shows 3 switch 3 bulb connection. A Light can be controlled by one switch or more than one switch. In the home, construction is to use 3-way switches. In this diagram, we just describe how to connect 3 lights controlled by 3 switches. You need to perfectly make this circuit like in our diagram. 3 lights can easily handle by three switches, But you need to make perfect wiring. 

Diagram Images of 3 Switch 3 Bulb connection wiring

Components Need for this Project:

You can get the components from any of the sites below:

  1. DP MCB [See Buy Click Amazon]
  2. 2 Way Switch [See Buy Click Amazon]
  3. Light [See Buy Click Amazon]
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Components used to make the 3 Switch 3 Bulb connection :

01. DP MCB

Fig 2: DP MCB
Double pole MCB can control two wires. This circuit breaker is generally used in single-phase electric lines. Double pole MCB circuit breaker input has two wires supply two wires and an output. In a single-phase line, A double-pole MCB circuit breaker is used to give good production. This circuit breaker is provided through phase and neutral circuit breaker, it is very safe. This circuit breaker is preferred for home appliances. A DP MCB usually trips for 2 reasons 1. Overload 2. Short circuit.

02. 2 way Switch

2 Way Switch
Fig 3: 2 Way Switch
The two-way switch is a type of multiway switch. Multiway switches have more points and can be controlled in multiple ways simultaneously. The middle connection normally goes to the load and the two side connections act as switches. Again, the opposite is also true if it is used in the lamp connection.It is a type of switch that has three wire connections. And it really has no off or on. Both sides can be turned on or off depending on how you connect one to the other. The two-way switch is a type of multiway switch. Multiway switches have more points and can be controlled in multiple ways simultaneously. Two Way Switch has three wire connection system.

03. Light

Fig 4: Light
HPMV lamps are Economic Discharge Lamps with Moderate Luminous Efficacy and life. The White Appearance of HPMV Lamps With Their Lower Cost Makes them the Preferred choice for Various outdoor and indoor usages. HPMV Lamps are used for lighting secondary roads, car parking areas, parks and gardens, factory sheds, etc. A gas Discharge Lamp that Uses an Electric arc Through the Vaporized Mercury to Produce light is known as a Mercury Vapor Lamp. The operation of the Mercury vapor lamp is based on the Excitation of atoms of some gaseous Medium. Also, the Frequency and the Wavelength of the Radiation Given out by Different Atoms of the Gaseous Medium Depend Upon the Level of Their Excitation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 4 way switch?

A single-pole switch has two terminals or controls one light fixture from one location. A 3-way switch has three terminals and can control a fixture from two locations. Like these, a four-way device has a ground terminal but can control one fixture from at least three different locations.

What is 3-way switch wiring?

A 3-way switch is larger than a single pole switch or has three screw terminals for wiring connections, plus a ground. Two of these take traveler wires that go from 1 -switch to the other. For the third terminal, the 1- switch is connected to the hot supply wire while the other switch is joined to the light.

How do 3-way bulbs work?

Screw base 3-way light bulbs and sockets work by supplying power supply first to the low-wattage element or filament—the 30W or 50W or 100W element in the three examples above. It will then send the power supply to the middle-wattage element or filament (the 70W 100W or 200W element), and finally to both at once.

Can you have 3 switches on a light?

Tutorial: 3-Way Switches and 4-Way Switches A light or light could be controlled by more than one switch. The usual practice in home construction is to use three-way switches. "Three-way" is the electrician's designation for a single pole double throw (SPDT) switch. The switches must create a complete circuit diagram for the current to flow and the bulb to light.

Does a 3-way switch require a 3-way bulb?

A three-way lamp requires a 3-way bulb and socket, and a 3-way switch. In 3-way incandescent light bulbs, each of the filaments operates at full voltage. So unlike incandescent bulbs controlled by a dimmer, the color of the light does not change between the three steps of the light available.

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