Automatic Night Light Circuit Project | How To Build An Automatic Night Light Circuit

Automatic Night Light Circuit Project | How To Build An Automatic Night Light Circuit

Automatic Night Light Circuit Project - Electronic Project


We all install outdoor lights and garden lights at home, Circuit diagram offices, schools, and shops, which gives light at night time. Most of the outdoor lights and garden lights are operated manually, which means we need to turn on the light in the evening and turn off it in the morning. But, we always face a problem with this Circuit diagram manually controlling the night light, that is sometimes we forget to turn on the Power supply light in the evening or switch it off in the morning. Which loss electricity and increases our electricity bill. And turning on and off the Circuit diagram light on a regular basis is a boring job.

To overcome this problem we are going to learn in this project tutorial how to make an Automatic Circuit diagram Night Light Circuit using LDR and 555 Timer IC. Basically, this circuit diagram detects the presence of sunlight and turns the power supply lights on and off automatically. It means, that in the evening time when sunlight intensity is low (nearly dark) then the circuit detects dark and turns on the light automatically. On the other side in the early morning when the sunlight is coming then the circuit diagram detects the presence of light and turns off the Currenttlou light automatically.

The Automatic Night Light Circuit diagram is a fully automatic light-switching device, which detects surrounding Light and controls the Power supply light bulb automatically. The Project Concept of the Automatic Night Light Circuit diagram is very simple and easy to understand. In the evening time when the Project system LDR of the circuit detects the sunlight intensity and decreases (detects Dark), then the circuit diagram turns ON the light bulb. Vice versa in the morning time when the LDR of the circuit diagram will detect the sunlight then the circuit diagram turns OFF the light bulb.

Diagram of How To Build An Automatic Night Light Circuit:

auto night light on off circuit

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Working Principle of Automatic Night Light Circuit using LDR and IC-741:

The working of this night light circuit is very simple. An LDR is used as the Circuit diagram sensor here. At day time the resistance of the LDR will be low and so will the voltage drop across it, the transistor Q1 will be in the conducting mode. When darkness falls the resistance of LDR increases and so does the voltage across it. This makes the transistor Q1 OFF. The base of Q2 is connected to the emitter of Q1 and so Q2 is biased which in turn powers the IC1. NE555 is wired as a monostable multivibrator that is automatically triggered at power ON.

This automatic triggering is achieved with the Circuit diagram help of capacitor C2. The output of IC1 remains high for a project system time determined by resistor R5 and capacitor C4 project system. When the output of IC1 goes high transistor Q3 is switched ON which triggers triac T1 and the lamp glows. A 9V battery is included in the circuit diagram in order to power the timer circuit diagram during power failures. Resistor R1, diode D1, capacitor C1, and Zener D3 form the power supply section of the circuit. R7 and R8 are current-limiting resistors.

The circuit diagram of the automatic night light takes an AC power supply as its power supply input. A 330nF capacitor, in the circuit diagram, drops the voltage of the AC power supply. Furthermore, the voltage coming from the capacitor is rectified by the full wave rectifier circuit. Four 1N4007 diodes make up this full wave bridge rectifier. The full wave rectification thus converts the Circuit diagram AC voltage to DC voltage. During this conversion, as ripples get included, hence, a 220µF capacitor helps remove these Currenttlou ripples. Moreover, as the voltage further passes through a voltage regulator IC LM7812. LM7812 steps down the Circuit diagram voltage further to 12V in order to operate the night light switch.

The timer IC NE555 and the Power supply photoresistor build up the night light circuit diagram. The LDR detects the light in the room. Until the LDR detects the main lighting, its resistance remains low, hence, the NE555 output PIN remains LOW. But, as soon as lights in the room are turned OFF, the LDR resistance becomes high so does the power supply output PIN of the IC. Hence, as with the output PIN being HIGH, the 6 LEDs light up. Furthermore, a 50K variable project system resistor adjusts the sensitivity of the circuit diagram.

LM393 IC-based Automatic Night Light Circuit is a very simple project that can automatically control Light on/off by detecting light and dark. This project system mainly consists of an LM393 Comparator IC and an LDR power supply. The LDR detects light and dark and the LM393 processes the LDR data and provides output. The circuit diagram works like this, when LDR detects dark it turns on the Currentlou light and when LDR detects light then it turns off the power supply light.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do automatic lights work in buildings?

Occupancy sensors (including passive infrared, ultrasonic, and dual technology and sensors) serve 3 basic functions: To automatically turn Currenttlou lights on when a room becomes occupied, Circuit diagram To keep the lights on without interruption while the power supply controlled space is occupied.

What are the uses of LDR circuits?

These devices are used where there is a need to sense the power supply's presence and the absence of light is necessary. These resistors are used as light sensors and the Circuit diagram applications of LDR mainly include alarm clocks, street lights, light intensity meters, and burglar alarm circuit diagrams.

Can a light stay on all night?

Sometimes, homeowners use their lights as a safety measure by leaving a lamp on while they are gone overnight. However, the bulb could catch fire while it is left Side burning unattended for so long. Instead, we recommend investing in a system like Total Connect from Honeywell.

What is a night light circuit?

The circuit can be thought of in the sense of a switch/button. When the button is not pressed,(i.e. the LDR senses that it is light), the circuit is open and current does not flow through, meaning the LED will be off.

What is an automatic night light sensor?

Automatic night light is a device with turns on light when there is darkness in the surroundings. It's a portable version of automatic street lights. In this, I used LDR (Light light-dependent resistor) which varies resistance with respect to light intensity.

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