Ring Socket Wiring Diagram

Ring Socket Wiring Diagram

Ring Socket Wiring Diagram

This diagram shows how to make a ring socket wiring diagram. In this diagram, we connect a total of six 3-pin power sockets in a series connection. Here we connect phase wire, neutral and earthing wire in all sockets board. If you want to make this circuit easily check our diagram and learn how to make a ring socket diagram. You can watch our video on youtube at the bellow link.

Diagram of Ring Socket Wiring

Components Need for this Project:

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Components used to make the Ring Socket Wiring:

01. 3-Pin Socket

3-Pin Socket
Fig 2: 3-Pin Socket
A socket is a type of equipment used in electrical wiring lines that always has an electrical connection. According to the need, it can be supplied to the electrical equipment. In case of electric iron, electric hand drill machine and electric hand grinder etc. two-pin socket with earth terminal is used. Also, three-pin sockets are used for electrical appliances that have a metal body and are likely to be electrified. Eg – Refrigerator, room heater, table heater, hot-plate, electric oven etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ring system wiring?

In a Ring of the system of wiring basically, wires starting from the main fuse run all around the rooms of the house or come back to the fuse box while in a tree wiring system, different branches of the line are taken from the distribution box to different parts of the house, or they look like branches of the tree.

Why ring the main wiring?

This arrangement allows the use of conductors with smaller cross-sectional areas compared to a regular radial circuit diagram arrangement. It is also a requirement that all connected of the appliances must be individually fused (usually within the 13A plug).

What is the ring main unit?

Ring Main Unit (RMU) is a medium voltage switchgear that is employed in secondary distribution networks. They are utilized in-ring main electrical power distribution systems to provide a continuous power supply to the customer by shifting sources in the event of any emergency or repair on the primary source.

How does the ring main system work?

It works within a closed-loop electrical distribution system (ring system), ensuring continuous and stable power supply even when faults occur. At its core, the RMU employs a combination of switches, circuit diagram breakers, and fuses, meticulously engineered to manage electrical faults with precision.

How many sockets can be on a ring circuit?

Entirely up to you. It is not the number of sockets that is important but the fuse capacity. You may need dozens of sockets for convenience, say in a laboratory, but not many will be used at any one time. Rings are normally wired in 2.5mm cable and fused to 32 amps.

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