Single Phase Timer Power Pin Working | 8 pin timer connection

Single Phase Timer Power Pin Working:

This Diagram Shows The Main Timer Switch Function is to Eliminate the Need for Leaving Electrical Circuits or Equipment Running, Thereby conserving energy and saving money. This Ranges from Having a Device turn on at Specific times to automatic shutoff. They are typically connected to Electrical circuits Powered via the Main Supply. Digital timer switches Feature Timing Circuitry, Switching Devices, and no Moving Parts.

Diagram of Single Phase Timer Power Pin wiring:

Single Phase Timer Power Pin Working
Fig 1: Single Phase Timer Power Pin Working

Components Need for this Project:

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Components used to make the Single Phase Timer Power Pin Working:

01. Timer

Fig 2: Timer
Timer is a specialized type of clock used for measuring specific time intervals.An electromechanical cam timer uses a small synchronous AC motor turning a cam against a comb of switch contacts. This type of timer often has a friction clutch between the gear train and the cam, the cam can be turned to reset the time.A simple example of the first type is an hourglass. Working method timers have two main groups: hardware and software timers.Most timers give an indication that the time interval that had been set has expired.

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