Ring Socket Outlets Diagram | Ring Mains Circuit Diagram

Ring Socket Outlets Diagram:

This diagram shows how to make ring socket outlets diagram. In this circuit diagram, we use a total of 5 three-pin power sockets. We need to connect all sockets with the ring diagram. For more clear information please check our youtube video at the below link. Stay with our community for more electrical, electronic, and robotics-related articles.

Diagram of Ring Socket Outlets wiring:

Ring Socket Outlets Diagram
Fig 1: Ring Socket Outlets Diagram

Components Need for this Project:

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Components used to make the Ring Socket Outlets Diagram:

01. 3-Pin Socket

3-Pin Socket
Fig 2: 3-Pin Socket

A socket is a type of equipment used in electrical wiring lines that always has an electrical connection. According to the need, it can be supplied to the electrical equipment. In case of electric iron, electric hand drill machine and electric hand grinder etc. two-pin socket with earth terminal is used. Also, three-pin sockets are used for electrical appliances that have a metal body and are likely to be electrified. Eg – Refrigerator, room heater, table heater, hot-plate, electric oven etc.

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