Multiple LED Series Connection | led series vs parallel

Multiple LED Series Connection:

This Diagram Shows Series Components Have The Same Current Through Them But Fluctuating Voltages. Generally speaking, most Light-emitting diode Lighting Uses a Series-Parallel Combination. The Best Way to Connect Multiple Light-emitting diodes to have The Same Current Driving Each Light-emitting diode Would be in Series. You Would Connect the 5 Light-emitting diodes That we had Earlier in the Series and Drive Them With a Constant Voltage Source, The Same as Before limiting The Current With a Resistor.

Diagram of Multiple LED Series Connection wiring:

Multiple LED Series Connection
Fig 1: Multiple LED Series Connection

Components Need for this Project:

You can get the components from any of the sites below:

  1. 12V Battery [See Buy Click Amazon]
  2. 850 Ohm Resistor [See Buy Click Amazon]
  3. LED Light [See Buy Click Amazon]

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Components used to make the Multiple LED Series Connection :

01. 12V Battery

12V Battery
Fig 2: 12V Battery
A 12-volt Battery is an Irregular Battery used in Specific Electronic Applications. Of all the types of Batteries, the 12-Volt Battery is one That Looks Very Different Depending on its use. It can be Large or small, Heavy or Light. Twelve-volt batteries are commonly used in RV, Boat, and Other Automobiles Systems. From a Technical Perspective, a Battery Uses one or more cells to Allow a Chemical Reaction Creating the flow of Electrons in a Circuit.

02. 850 Ohm Resistor

850 Ohm Resistor
Fig 3: 850 Ohm Resistor
The main function of a resistor is to block the flow of current or cause a voltage drop in an electronic circuit. In short, the function of the register is to prevent the movement of electricity. When we know about electronics, the first name that comes is Resistor. It is basically a common component of electronics. This component is used in every electronic circuit. A resistor is a very familiar component to those who work with electronics. It has a special function. Resistance is denoted by R. Its unit is the ohm (Ω). The following figure shows some resistor symbols that are used in various circuit boards and circuit diagrams.

03. LED Light

LED Light
Fig 4: LED Light
CFLs work in a completely different way from ordinary lamps, they work by using a different process called fluorescence rather than generating light from heat. A typical light bulb wastes 90% of energy and converts only 10% of energy into light, this is where CFL has the biggest advantage. CFL- Curved or conical glass tube filled with argon and a small amount of mercury vapor. The inner wall of the glass is coated with fluorescent material. CFL- It is manufactured using the principle of creating fluorescent light. CFL- Originally white in color but now the construction and use of CFLs producing colored light has become popular.

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