Rice Cooker Wiring Diagram | Electric Rice Cooker Wiring Diagram

Rice Cooker Wiring diagram:

This diagram shows how to make Rice Cooker Wiring Diagram. Electric Rice Cooker Wiring Diagram. In this circuit, we use rice cooker elements and a 3-pin top plug. Here we need to connect all components like our diagram. Now this circuit is ready for use. This diagram is very simple and easy to make. If you want to know more about this circuit please check our youtube video below the post.

Diagram of rice cooker wiring:

Components Need for this Project:

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Components used to make the single phase rice cooker:

01. Heating Coil Element

Heating Coil Element
Fig 2: Heating Coil Element

Rice Cooker Heating Coil Element 800w, 1000w & 1200w. ac line 220v coil element. The heater generates an electric current flowing into the heater coil. which transfers the electric energy into a heating coil. A coil of wire heated by the passage of an electric current flow & used for producing and maintaining a high temperature in various scientific operations or for industrial purposes.

02. Resistance Coil

Resistance Coil
Fig 3: Resistance Coil

Rice Cooker Heating Coil Element internal heating resistor at the bottom of the cooker. The resistor boils the water and the steam cooks the rice. On the exterior of the vessel, there is a "cooking" and "keep warm" lamp, along with a cook switching for a rice cooker. In an electric cooker, the electrical energy is converted into heat energy.

03. 3 pin Plug

3-pin Plug
Fig 4: 3-pin Plug

Many of us mistake a device that receives power through a 3-pin plug as a 3-phase load. Actually, they are single-phase loads and a 3-pin plug is used in these devices to avoid electrical accidents. This type of plug has three pins called 'Live', 'Neutral', and 'Earthing' which are marked by letters 'L', 'N', and 'E' respectively. The three wires to which these three pins are connected are also colored differently. The earth pin is connected to yellow or green, live pin to red or brown and neutral pin to black or blue wire. Among these pins, the earth pin is the longest and thickest.

04. Magnetic Temperature Switch

Magnetic Temperature Switch
Fig 5: Magnetic Temperature Switch

Rice Cooker used a bimetallic switch. where two metals expand at different rates when heated, triggering at just over 100℃ & releasing a latch. Rice cooker producing the familiar "clunk" that lets you know the rice is done.

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