Single Phase Energy Meter Connection Diagram | install a single phase meter

Single Phase Energy Meter Connection Diagram:

This diagram shows how to connect the single-phase energy meter connection. Single-phase energy meter has a total of 2 input ( line and neutral ) terminals and 2 output (line and neutral) terminals. In this circuit diagram, we want to describe how to connect 3 single-phase meters in the grid line. If you want to more clearly details about this diagram please check our youtube video.

Diagram of Signle Phase Energy Meter wiring:

Components Need for this Project:

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Components used to make the Single Phase Energy Meter wiring:

01. Single Phse Energy Meter

Single Phse Energy Meter
Fig 2: Single Phse Energy Meter
The measuring device with the help of which the electric power or energy of a circuit is measured is called Energy Meter (Energy Meter). Also called a watt-hour or kilowatt-hour meter. For home appliances, we used a single-phase energy meter. The single-phase energy meter is directly connected between the line and the load. Both coils produce their magnetic fields, when the meter is connected to the supply line, and the load. Energy meters are used in homes and in industrial applications where we want to found that how much energy is being consumed by home appliances and electrical equipment.

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