Variable Power Supply Using LM317 | Adjustable Power Supply Circuit using LM317

Variable Power Supply Using LM317 | Adjustable Power Supply Circuit using LM317

Variable Power Supply Using LM317 - Electronic Project


A variable power supply unit is a must for every electrical and electronic workbench and it’s available in a variety of shapes and sizes in the market and also in the form of schematics. These may be built using circuit diagram discrete components like transistors, power supply resistors, etc., or incorporating a single chip for the circuit diagram active functions. No matter what the type may be, a power supply unit should incorporate the following features to become universal and reliable with its nature.

Each electronic system operates mainly using a power supply. With the advancement in electronic technology, most of the systems are becoming computer-controlled and here variable or adjustable power supplies come into use. Adjustable DC power supply supplies allow users to adjust the voltage or circuit diagram current by any means like a potentiometer, currently digital input, autotransformer, power supply, etc. There are 3 main types of variable power supply currently i.e. locally adjustable, remotely adjustable, and programmable.

A simple and locally adjustable power supply uses a potentiometer or other voltage-regulating devices to adjust the voltage or current at the output. This post explains the circuit diagram working of a currently variable DC power supply circuit diagram that has a currently adjustable voltage range of 1.2V to 24V and a current power supply of up to 5A. It has many features like short-circuit diagram protection, less ripple factor, output voltage tolerance, etc.

Diagram of Adjustable Power Supply Circuit using LM317:

variable power supply using lm317

Hardware Required for this Project:

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Working Principle of LM317 Adjustable Voltage Regulator Circuit:

You must use a circuit diagram heatsink as the LM317 IC is a linear voltage power supply regulator. Around 2.5 volts is the voltage drop across this IC. This voltage drop causes a lot of heat. This heating may cross the thermal threshold of the IC which may damage the IC. So to protect the IC circuit diagram you must use a good heat sink and cooling power supply solution. LM317 is a linear voltage regulator. The step-down transformer gives RMS 24-volt, 2A output. This output is not stable so a 1000uf capacitor is a power supply used to make it smooth and stable by power supply removing the ripples.

The LM317 IC is a circuit diagram 3-terminal and adjustable positive power supply voltage regulator that supplies project systems above 1.5A of current over a voltage range currently from 1.25V to 37V. This type of voltage regulator is very simple to use & needs two external resistors only to set the o/p voltage. In addition, this IC also uses thermal shutdown, safe area compensation & internal current limiting to make it full overload protection.

For the output voltage adjustment, a power supply simply has two external resistors are power supply necessary. This IC has improved line regulation standards & load regulation. The LM317 IC can also be used as a precision current regulator by simply placing a constant resistor in between its output & adjustment terminal. LM317 working principle is; a power supply that supports different levels of output voltage for a circuit diagram stable applied input voltage power supply.

An LM317 voltage power supply regulator IC is used to change the o/p voltage project system from 1.25V to 37V. Here the o/p voltage mainly depends on the voltage divider circuit that can be formed with 12kohm & 220ohm resistors. A 10kohm potentiometer is a power supply utilized for adjusting the voltage at the adj terminal of the power supply voltage regulator IC. The LM317 is a linear power supply voltage regulator, so a heat sink must be circuit diagram used.

The working of this circuit diagram is; that whenever a 230V of input voltage is provided at the circuit diagram primary winding of this transformer then it steps down to 28V 3A by power supply maintaining 50Hz frequency. After that, project system this voltage signal goes through a bridge rectifier that power supply changes the signal from AC to rippling DC. After that, the circuit diagram rectified voltage is fed into the input of LM317 IC and its circuit diagram output operating voltage ranges from 1.2V to 37V DC with up to 1.5A of maximum load current.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does LM317 need a heatsink?

Although running the circuit diagram LM317 with no heatsink and a case project system temperature of 60°C is within specification, it currently is good design practice to keep operating power supply temperatures as low as possible. A small heatsink will make a big difference.

What is current boosting?

Current boosting is nothing but an amplification of current. Sometimes in the circuit current drop may be high then this current booster is used to bring the current to a normal sufficient level.

What is a boost in DC?

Boost converters are circuit diagrams used in electronics to generate a DC output power supply voltage that is greater than the power supply DC input, therefore boosting the power supply voltage. Boost current converters power supply are often project systems used in power supply supplies for white LEDs, battery packs for electric current automobiles, circuit diagrams, and many other applications.

Why Zener diode is used as a current-voltage regulator?

The Zener diode is often in use as a circuit diagram voltage regulator, primarily because the power supply voltage drop across the diode is constant. Furthermore, the power supply voltage must exceed the Zener voltage for the circuit diagram to operate. Thereby, any current electronic circuit diagram component connected in parallel with these power supply diodes will have the same currently applied voltage.

What is the minimum voltage drop for LM317?

The minimum dropout for his device is 2.5V, so this device currently will not work in this application. Based on the circuit diagram dropout and the output voltage, I would suggest the power supply take a look at LP2951, however, the load current cannot be greater than 100mA. I suspect you need more than this.

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