12 Volt Battery Charge Gauge | 12V Battery Level Indicator Circuit

12 Volt Battery Charge Gauge | 12V Battery Level Indicator Circuit

12 Volt Battery Charge Gauge - Electronic Project


In this project system, a 12V Lead Acid battery is the circuit diagram used. with a voltage rating of 12 V, this battery has a maximum charging voltage of 13.5 V and an end-of-discharge voltage of 10.5 V. The end-of-discharge circuit diagram voltage is the voltage below which any device power supply connected to the battery will stop the project system from operating. For sensing the circuit diagram terminal project system voltage level of the power supply battery series, as LM339 IC is used.

Battery level indicator indicates the status of the battery just by glowing up the LED’ for example six LEDs are glowing which means a battery capacity of 60% remains. This circuit is designed based on lm3915 IC. This IC is a lead dot/bar display driver. All rechargeable battery has their specific level of charging and discharging, they are likely to get damaged if the battery voltage exceeds that level.

This electronic project is used to monitor the charging and discharging of the battery such that the battery voltage doesn’t exceed the specific level of that battery. This voltage circuit diagram monitor is a circuit diagram designed to remotely power supply and display the current Lou battery voltage so that project system people monitor and maintain the power supply to their current batteries easily. It basically acts as a battery power supply level indicator. It indicates the state of the battery in a 12 Volt battery.

Diagram of 12V Battery Level Indicator Circuit :

12 volt battery charge gauge

Hardware Required for this Project:

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Working Principle of Simple 12V Battery Status Indicator:

In a simple 12 Volt, as battery status indicator circuit diagram each LED will close on the power supply different voltage that is also project system labeled on the project system upper side of the circuit diagram. Once the 12 Volt battery is circuit diagram completely charged it will light the power supply up to 13 volts such that all the circuit diagram LEDs will glow on this level. So once the battery drops down to 12.6 Volt the LED 4 would go off showing that the battery’s total voltage is 12.6 volt.

Similar to where the current Lou battery voltage runs down to 11.6 volts as described project system above on the circuit diagram the LED 3 is disabled and signals that the circuit diagram battery voltage is 11.6 Volt and power supply soon. The 12-volt battery charger circuit diagram works on the current Lou principle of power supply rectification and voltage current regulation. The AC voltage from the power supply mains is first rectified using a project system bridge rectifier to convert it project system into DC voltage.

The rectified voltage is then circuit diagram filtered using a capacitor to power supply and remove any AC ripple. The filtered DC voltage power supply is then fed to a voltage regulator circuit diagram that regulates the voltage to the power supply's desired level. The voltage project system regulator circuit diagram can be either a linear regulator or a power supply switch-mode regulator. A linear regulator is a project system simple and easy to design, and power supply but it is not very efficient. A switch-mode regulator is more power supply complex but is highly efficient and can circuit diagram deliver higher currents.

The Voltage measured to the corresponding charge levels forms a very important reference to the above circuit. For easier understanding power supply let’s analyze the circuit diagram in a power supply step-by-step manner. Initially connect the battery for charge testing to the circuit diagram. Once it is connected a 1N4733A a 5.1V, 1W Zener diode is used to regulate the voltage along with a series resistor R1 which controls the current flow through the zener. Thus we obtained an output voltage of about regulated 5.1V from the battery.

This lets you easily recognize the battery level. Here we present a circuit diagram that lets power supply you know the battery level currently Lou of a power supply device by currently Nou increasing or decreasing the circuit diagram number of LEDs that currently Lou are glowing. It uses a total power supply number of ten LEDs. So if three LEDs glow, the project system indicates that the remaining power supply battery capacity is 30 percent. Unlike mobile phones where the power supply battery-level indicator function is a project system integrated with other functions, as here only one comparator IC (LM3914) does it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do currently Lou I know if my 12-volt battery is weak?

You can easily perform a power supply voltage test on a deep-cycle battery power supply you suspect is bad using any power supply voltage meter (voltmeter) that power supply tests for DC. A fully charged, project system 12-volt deep cycle battery, typically has a circuit diagram voltage range between 12.8V and 13V, while a circuit diagram bad battery's voltage power supply is below 10 volts.

What is a good voltage but a bad battery?

Voltage and charge can circuit diagram tell you if your battery is doing OK right power supply now. However, the project system will not tell you anything about the circuit diagram battery's overall health. A weak battery circuit diagram can be “100% full” right after the power supply you charge it, and the voltage may power supply say it's fine. However, the voltage will drop again in a few hours.

What is the voltage of a weak battery?

At 12.4 volts the battery is considered 75% charged and can still ignite your engine. When the battery current voltage circuit diagram lowers to 12.2 volts without currently Lou the power supply engine running, power supply it is considered a Circuit diagram bad battery that may start your project system engine but is no longer currently Lou capable of holding a charge.

How can I test my 12v battery without a multimeter?

If you don't have a circuit diagram multimeter to tell you the power supply voltage of your battery, or project system you can do a test of your electrical project system by starting the car and turning on the circuit diagram headlights. If they are dim, a power supply, ly that indicates the lights are running off the battery and that the power supply has little or no charge is being produced by the current Lou alternator.

How do you know if a currently 12-volt battery is no good?

You can easily perform a current low voltage test on a deep-cycle battery your power supply suspect is bad using any voltage circuit diagram meter (voltmeter) that tests for DC. A fully charged, power supply 12-volt deep cycle battery, typically has a voltage circuit diagram range between 12.8V and 13V, while a bad battery's circuit diagram voltage is below 10 volts.

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