Submersible Pump Control Box wiring

Submersible Pump Control Box Wiring:

This Diagram Shows Protects Submersible Pumps From Low a Drop-In Water Level, Low Yield Wells, Clogged Well Screens, Malfunctioning Pumps And Motors, And Rapid Cycling. Pump Control Boxes Usually Have Microprocessors That Monitor Power-Line Voltage And Pump Motor Power Draw. A Well Pump Control Box is Essential in That It Protects Submersible Good Pumps From Too High or Low Voltage. Clogged Well Screens. Malfunctioning Motors and Pumps.

Diagram of submersible pump wiring:

Submersible Pump Control Box wiring
Fig 1: Submersible Pump Control Box wiring

Components Need for this Project:

You can get the components from any of the sites below:

  1. DPST Switch [See Buy Click Amazon]
  2. Overload Relay [See Buy Click Amazon]
  3. Capacitor [See Buy Click Amazon]
  4. Submersible Pump [See Buy Click Amazon]
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Components used to make the Submersible pump control box:

01. DPST Switch

Fig 2: DPST Switch

The principle of DPST or Double Pole Single Throw Switch is to control two different circuits simultaneously using a single actuator like a pushbutton, toggle, etc. Both circuits are turned on or off. These switches have four terminals with two outputs and two inputs. It is possible to have different Voltages from different sources Connected to a single Double Pole Single switch. This switch accepts two inputs that can drive two different outputs in a circuit. They are essentially two SPST switches built as one, affecting separate circuits but controlled by the same actuator

02. Overload Relay

Fig 3: Overload Relay

Overload relays are often used to protect the motor from excessive current flow. Overload relays are used to protect the motor from overheating. Besides some specific faults such as phase to phase, phase to ground, etc. overload relay provides protection to the motor. A thermal overload relay works on the principle of bimetallic strip electro-thermal characteristics. When the bimetallic heats up, the trip function in the overload relay turns on and disconnects the power supply to the contactor coil, thus tripping the overload relay and breaking the motor current and saving the motor.

03. Capacitor

Fig 4: Capacitor

An MFD or Micro-Farad is a Technical Terminology Used to Describe the Level of Capacity in a Capacitor. Therefore, The Higher The MFD Ratings of a Capacitor, The More Electrical Current Your Capacitor Can Store. A Standard Capacitor may Have an MFD Ranging from 5 to 80 MFD. 50 MFD Volts Which Means it will Work at 370 or 440 VAC. A Dual-Run Capacitor, Such as This 50uf, Combines two Capacitors Into One Unit. 50 MFD 250 Volt Round Capacitor With Mounting Stud and Capacitor has two Screw-type Terminals

04. Submersible Pump

Fig 5: Submersible Pump

All kinds of Submersible Pump Suppliers, and Full Global Submersible Pump Technology Support. Well-known submersible Pump manufacturer, global submersible Pump technology support. Sewage Pump. Screw Pump. Water Pump. Fire Pump. Styles: water pump, centrifugal pump, fire pump, sewage pump.All kinds of Submersible pump suppliers, and full global submersible Pump technology support. global submersible Pump technology support, Well-known submersible Pump manufacturer.

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