Star to Star Transformer connection | Three phase Transformer

Star to Star Transformer connection:

This diagram shows how to connect the speed of the motor increases slowly when connected to a star. In this the rotor of the motor does not get too hot, there is no pressure on the rotor, there is no problem with the mechanical function, and the lifetime of the motor increases. A transformer is an electrical device that converts alternating current from 1- Voltage to another. Transformers are of two types, 'high-step' (step-up) or 'low-step' (step-down), and work on the principle of magnetic induction. If you want to learn how to connect this circuit clearly you can follow our youtube video link below.

Diagram of Star to Star Transformer connection:

Components Need for this Project:

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Components used to make the Star to Star Transformer connection:

01. Transformer

Fig 2: Transformer
Three-phase Transformers are Passive Machines That Pass Electric Energy Between Circuits. In the Secondary Circuit, a Magnetic flux Induces an Electromotive Force (emf), Thus Stepping up (increasing) or Stepping down (decreasing) Voltages Without Altering the Frequency. There are Different Kinds of Electrical Systems and Therefore Transformers have to Operate Alongside Compatible Systems. A 3-phase Transformer Works with 3 Phase AC Electrical System to Provide Consumers With Stable and Device-Safe Electricity.

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