Extention Box Wiring connection | Extension Board Circuit

Extention Box Wiring connection | Extension Board Circuit

Extention box wiring connection:

This diagram shows how to connect the extension box wiring connection. In this circuit diagram, we simply try to describe to you how to connect a perfect extension box wiring. In this box, we use some switches, 3 pin power socket, and an indicator light. If you want to more clear details on how to connect this circuit you can see our youtube video and connect this circuit very easily.

Diagram of Extention box wiring:

Components Need for this Project:

You can get the components from any of the sites below:

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  2. Switch [See Buy Click Amazon]
  3. Indicator Light [See Buy Click Amazon]
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Components used to make the Extention box wiring:

01. 3-Pin Sockets

3-Pin Sockets
Fig 2: 3-Pin Sockets
A socket is a type of equipment used in electrical wiring lines that always has an electrical connection. According to the need, it can be supplied to the electrical equipment. In case of electric iron, electric hand drill machine and electric hand grinder etc. two-pin socket with earth terminal is used. Also, three-pin sockets are used for electrical appliances that have a metal body and are likely to be electrified. Eg – Refrigerator, room heater, table heater, hot-plate, electric oven etc.

02. Switch

Fig 3: Switch
A Single-Pole, Single-Throw (SPST) Switch. It's Got one Output and One Input. The Switch will Either be Closed or Completely Disconnected. SPSTs are Perfect for on-off Switching. They're also a Very Common Form of Momentary Switches. SPST Switches are Commonly Used in a Variety of Electrical Circuits and Applications, Such as Turning on And off Lights, Fans, and Other Appliances. They can Also be Used to Control the Flow of Electricity to Different Parts of a Circuit or to Switch Between Different Circuits Altogether.

03. Indicator Light

Indicator Light
Fig 4: Indicator Light
An electric current Flow Indicator Senses The electrical Current Through an electrical device And produces visible feedback to Indicate Proper Operation. The Current Flow Indicator Has Voltage And Current Regulation Craving First And Second Inputs Connected To The First And Second Conductors, Respectively. This Publication Provides updated Statistics on a Comprehensive Set of social, Economic, Financial, and Environmental Measures as Well as Select Indicators for Sustainable Development Goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three wires in an extension cord?

The green wire is the ground of the wire, the white wire is the neutral wire, and the black wire is the hot wire. Light-duty interior extensions of the cords often lack the ground wire, but if a ground wire is present, be sure to connect it.

What is an electrical extension box?

The Electrical Box an Extender lends support to the contents of a wall box. This non-conductive extender helps prevent arcing forming a barrier between the box and the metal screws on the device. This box extender has a two-hour fire rating. Levels or supports wiring devices in an electrical box.

How does the extension box work?

It is an insulated, flexible electric wire fitted with a plug at one end or one or more outlets on the other, allowing one to plug in devices whose cords are not long enough to reach a wall outlet. The term usually refers to extensions, adapter cords, extension cables, extension cords, etc.

How do you use extension leads?

Position an extension of the lead carefully to prevent any risk of damage. If the cable has to cross a pathway, cover it with a rubber of the protector strip. Always check that leads, plugs, and sockets are undamaged. Always check the extension of the lead plug contains the correctly rated fuse for the equipment being used.

What is another name for an extension box?

Other names of the same products are a power supply strip, extension cable, cable extension, a power outlet, electrical extension cord, multi-socket, extension cord online, power strip extension, extension cord, and a power supply extension box.

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